Saturday, January 19, 2008

What is a malach?


"Should you tell one of those people who consider themselves Sages that Gd sends an angel into a woman’s womb, and that this angel creates the form of a fetus and its functions, he would accept this and think that this is part of the glory of Gd. He would believe, at the same time, that the angel has a body of burning flame, and that this angel has a body which is as large as one-third of this whole planet.

"However, should you tell him that Gd put the power of creation into a tiny drop of fluid, the power to create the form of a fetus’ limbs, and that this fluid is the angel, he would say that this is impossible, and he would not believe!

"Our Sages have already explained that each of the body’s functions is considered an angel, for such is the case with all of the forces in the universe."

(Maimonides, Guide of the Perplexed 2:6)

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